• Princess Diva

    A wonderful episode. The whole thing where Teresa's mother's store got robbed was quite shocking, and my god, how the cops just shot the guy who was trying to escape. That was really disastrous but it acts as a warning sign to those who  choose to disobey the rules/get everyone  killed...

    The ending also shocked me. They cut everyone's internet connection - I guess it's what they had to do but now NO ONE has any contact! Loved ones might be already seperated by the Cordon walls, but now they are also seperated by no connection at all...How awful!

    The Cordon is becoming chaotic and how everyone's panicking and Leo is making things worse - it's interesting. People are in 100% panic mode and Leo is not helping. I guess they had to shut down the…

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  • Arctictigers

    About the Pilot

    April 24, 2016 by Arctictigers


    This blog post is about a little thought that occured to me while watching the Pilot

    So the Pilot starts with a flashfoward to Day 13 and then goes back to Day 1. The Pilot basically happened in a 24-hours time lap. Does that mean that each episode will be one day? Personally, I really like that idea. Kind of  à la 24 (the TV show). But does that also mean that there’s going to be 13 episodes for season 1? Like the season will end on Day 13? Or probably not since it’s a huge cliffhanger and the writer probably won’t just stop the season right there when all hell broke loose. At least, I hope not.  

    I’m just trying to imagine how the season will go. At what pace and whatnot. But anyway, I’m thinking way ahead of myself. What do you guys t…

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  • MrBlonde267

    Warner Bros. is going to have a HUGE presence at San Diego Comic Con, and we’re excited to announce some early details about the event. They are taking 18 shows to the convention, including early screenings on Preview Night and a big Saturday event in Hall H. Wikia is going to be there, and we’re hoping to see you there too! This is the information we have so far about the pilot of Containment.

    "When a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, a vast urban quarantine is quickly enforced, forcing those stuck on the inside to fight for their lives while local and federal officials desperately search for a cure in Containment. Torn apart from their loved ones, the survivors trapped within the cordon are fighting against not only fat…

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