Scene 1 Edit

Victor Cannerts: You understand the precautions we need to take, Doctor Saunders.

Rita Sanders: Yeah, I got it.

Victor Cannerts: Tell me one more time.

Rita Sanders: I had just started rounds. The first patient, he presented with flu like symptoms. You're going to be fine. There was no exposure to fluid, no high risk contact.

Victor Cannerts: Are you certain.

Scene 2 Edit

Teresa Keaton: It's all good grandpa, I've gotta go. I'm catching the train to see Xander. I will. I love you, too.

Scene 3 Edit

Lex Carnahan: So, what's going on?

Chief Besser: Possible flu outbreak. This is Major Alex Carnahan, he'll be running point.

Sabine Lommers: I'm not going to shake your hand, Nothing personal.

Lex Carnahan: That's a lot of important people just to talk about flu shots.

Scene 4 Edit

Bobby Carver: Cute kids.

Katie Frank: I'm suppose to meet Doctor Saunders? She was going to take them for a tour.

Bobby Carver: She's MIA, you get me instead.

Scene 5 Edit

Lex Carnahan: There's a Syrian kid that needs to be picked up for questioning. Jake, you're on point.

Jake Riley: Hello, I'm with the Atlanta Police. I need to speak to Sayid. Tell her she can't touch him, he's infectious.

Scene 6 Edit

Sabine Lommers: Is it your belief that he is patient zero?

Victor Cannerts: We know for a fact that he's contagious.

Lex Carnahan: What is it?

Sabine Lommers: That's the problem, Major. It's not currently presenting as anything we can identify.

Scene 7 Edit

Teresa Keaton: I don't understand, what's going on? Xander?

Xander Paulson: I'm coming to get you.

Scene 8 Edit

Lex Carnahan: I love you. What, are you coming down with something?

Scene 9 Edit

Bobby Carver: Listen, they are officially putting the hospital on lock down. They don't want anyone leaving for 48 hours.

Scene 10 Edit

Katie Frank: Is it bad? I've got 14 kids here, I should know if it's bad.

Scene 11 Edit

Lex Carnahan: Don't go back to your place to pick up your stuff, go straight to mine. You'll be safe there.

Scene 12 Edit

Victor Cannerts: I'm afraid I must declare the virus highly contagious and fatal in 100 percent of it's victims.

Scene 13 Edit

Sabine Lommers: This is now a matter of national secruity. As such, each access point to the exposure area will be cordoned off. With trust and cooperation, this will be over before it begins.

Lex Carnahan: No, no, no, no, no, no. Jana! Jana!

Scene 14 Edit

Leanne Keaton: You were suppose to get out. Why didn't you get out?

Teresa Keaton: Don't. They said avoid contact.

Scene 15 Edit

Katie Frank: We spend our lives being afraid so that my son doesn't have to.

Quentin Frank: Freaky mask, mom.

Scene 16 Edit

Jake Riley: Jake.

Scene 17 Edit

Lex Carnahan: I can't let you through there, I'm sorry.

Xander Paulson: My girl is in there.

Lex Carnahan: So is mine.

Scene 18 Edit

Micheline: Stay safe, Bertie.

Bert: I love you.

Micheline: I love you, too.

Scene 19 Edit

Sabine Lommers: We are gong to need a face. A man of the people.

Scene 20 Edit

Lex Carnahan: Please, step back. Stay calm.

Scene 21 Edit

Katie Frank: I need help!

Scene 22 Edit

Lex Carnahan: They'll find a way to stop this.