Containment featured
Portrayed by
Michael Harding
Outside Cordon
Family & Relationships
Unnamed daughter
Season 1
First Appearance
He Stilled The Rising Tumult
Last Appearance
He Stilled The Rising Tumult

Hank is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.


Hank is the man that Alex Carnahan finds in an abandoned building that was set up for demolition.

He refuses to leave and handcuffed himself to a radiator. Armed with a handgun, he explains to Lex that he feels lost. His daughter is left alone inside Cordon in their house and since the black out, he has no way of communication with her. He doesn't want to leave the building because it is the only place where he can still see his daughter on his house's terrace. He mentions he hasn't seen her in two days and assumes that she became sick.

In the evening, after Lex has met up with Jake and they have exchanged USB keys, Lex shows Hank the video of his daughter that is in the key; she says she is good and tells him she loves him. He then thanks Lex, unchains himself and leaves the building with him.

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  • He hates baseball, and considers it the "slowest game on God's green earth".


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