Like A Sheep Among Wolves
105 featured
Jeff Stetson
Janice Cooke
Air Date
17 May 2016
David Gyasi as Alex Carnahan

Christina Moses as Jana Mayfield
Chris Wood as Jake Riley
Kristen Gutoskie as Katie Frank
Claudia Black as Sabine Lommers
George Young as Victor Cannerts
Hanna Mangan-Lawrence as Teresa Keaton
Trevor St John as Leo Greene

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I am sending you out ike a sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.
~ Matthew 10:15

Like A Sheep Among Wolves is the fifth episode of the Season 1 of Containment and the fifth episode of the series. It aired on 16 May 2016 on Global and 17 May 2016 on The CW.


ROWING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION - Tensions between Lex (David Gyasi) and Dr. Lommers (Claudia Black) reach a boiling point after they disagree over how to execute a much- needed food drop inside the cordon. With limited resources on his side, Jake’s (Chris Wood) attempt to control a desperate and hungry crowd leaves him rattled after a group of thugs show up and a stand-off ensues. Meanwhile, when the timeline of events leading up to the outbreak doesn’t add up, Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) sets out in search of the truth.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Recurring & GuestEdit

  • Adin Steckler as Mary
  • Charles Black as Bert
  • David Schifter as Bob
  • Demetrius Bridges as Xander Paulson
  • Faith Rene Kennedy as Sara
  • Gregalan Williams as Chief Besser
  • Jimmy Gonzales as Officer Meese
  • John Winscher as Tony
  • Jordane Christie as Cinco
  • Lamar Usher as JoJo
  • Martin Bradford as Montana
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Trey
  • Nadej Bailey as Britney
  • Nadine Lewington as Suzy
  • Sandra Lafferty as Micheline
  • Scott Parks as Pete Walden
  • Shawn Parsons as Sam
  • Travis Smith as Officer Pearson
  • Yohance Myles as Dennis