Pete Walden
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Portrayed by
Scott Parks
Dead (shot by Meese)
Outside Cordon
Family & Relationships
Lorelai (Daughter)
Officer - Atlanta Police Department
Season 1
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Pete Walden is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.


Pete Walden is an officer with the Atlanta Police Department. He is located outside the Cordon when the outbreak occurs and works closely with Alex Carnahan. He has good relationships with Lex and Chief Besser, even though he is prejudiced against black people.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

Walden accompanies Jake Riley to apprehend Sayid Nassir. While Jake takes Sayid to the Atlanta Midtown Hospital, Pete stays outside the outbreak area. When the Cordon is enforced, Walden is seen pushing a young black man, Xander Paulson, onto the pavement. Lex Carnahan intervenes to stop the assault.

I To Die, You To Live Edit

He is irritated about the footage that Leo Greene broadcasted making Lex a "hero"; and when Lex reminds him that he is the one pinning up Xander he answers "it's not like I shot him".

Be Angry At the Sun Edit

He is part of the team sent to secure the breach in the Cordon.

With Silence and Tears Edit

It is his daughter Lorelai's 8th birthday; he has a present for her on his desk. He is on watch duty with Meese when Lex arrives and brings them food; he asks about Lorelai's birthday and tells Walden he will take his place.

Like A Sheep Among Wolves Edit

He is part of the team charged to handle the food drop, and questions the ability of Jake's team to get organized with 9 cops. Later when Meese falls into the Cordon, he gets Lex and gets very angry when Lex says he can't get Meese out. When a black officer sides with Lex, he comments "Evidently, the color blue doesn't matter to some of you".

He Stilled The Rising Tumult Edit

He calls in sick like several other officers from Lex's team because they disagree with Lex's decision not to get Meese out of the Cordon.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pete is medium height with brown hair.

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