Quentin Frank
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Portrayed by
Zachary Unger
Inside Cordon
Family & Relationships
Unnamed (father)
Katie Frank (mother;deceased)
Grace (grandmother)
Unnamed (grandfather)
Jake Riley (guardian)
Season 1
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Path to Paradise

Quentin Frank is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.


Quentin is an eleven year old student and the son of Katie Frank. He is on a school excursion to the Atlanta Midtown Hospital when the outbreak begins and finds himself trapped inside the Cordon with his mother and several other students.

Quentin's father is a drug addict and fights for custody with Katie Frank, as they are not married.

Season 1Edit

Pilot Edit

Quentin is on a field trip with his mother and several other students to Atlanta Midtown Hospital where they sing for the sick patients. While his mother, Katie Frank, is busy calling other parents to alert them of the current situation, he and fellow student Thomas go looking for the lab rats.

I To Die, You To Live Edit

Quentin is seen with his classmates; his grandmother Grace demands to speak to him.

Be Angry at the Sun Edit

After most of his classmates leave the hospital with their parents, he keeps on playing with Mary and Thomas. Ray suggests they get on the roof to give them fresh air; they play ball with Britney.

With Silence and Tears Edit

Jake explains that it is difficult for police work inside the Cordon. Quentin then asks him if he has a girl on the outside; Jake says no and Quentin says that he doesn't either. He works on building a rail board with Katie; and Jake corrects the mistakes in the board.

Like a Sheep Among the Wolves Edit

He sees Bert in the hospital; they talk about the lack of food and he says he wants the cookies his grandmother bakes but Katie explains him Grace only pretends that she baked them.

Later, as Katie tries to explain the kids about the virus, he tells his mother that he heard Nurse Helen say Dr Sanders liked to have a quickie with her boyfriend before rounds in the morning.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Quentin is medium height with brown hair and brown eyes.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit