Portrayed by
Joey Naber
Deceased - Infected by the virus
Inside Cordon
Family & Relationships
Lena (Wife)

Sayid (Nephew)
Unknown (Son)
Unknown (Mother)

Season 1
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Radwan Nassir is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.

Biography Edit

He is a member of the Nassir family and lives in Atlanta with his wife, grandmother and son. On the Monday prior to the outbreak, he gets Sayid off the hold of the cargo plane bringing him to the States and into his home.

He is a Muslim man of Syrian origin. It is unknown how long he has lived in Atlanta; however it is known he still has living relatives living in Syria, including Sayid's father who helped his son get into the cargo.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

He brings Sayid to the hospital in the morning of Day 1 of the outbreak, for flu-like symptoms. He acts as a translator for Sayid, and tells Dr Sanders that he refuses to stay in observation and just wants to go home. The first official version was that this was the moment Sayid infected Dr Sanders when it is actually the contrary.

Later, the Police traces Sayid to Radwan's house because traffic cameras got the tags on his car. At first he lies to Jake, saying he doesn't recognize Sayid's picture but when he assures that he is not with Immigration he explains that Sayid is his nephew. He brings them to the bedroom even though his wife Lena doesn't agree and warns Sayid about the Police.

The IES then gets the entire Nassir family into isolation. He tells Jake that it is their fault, because Sayid only had a bad cold.

I To Die, You To Live Edit

Cannerts mentions that all 5 members of the Nassir family are exhibiting symptoms, but Radwan is not seen in this episode. At the end it is said that there were two deaths out of the five, which he seems to be a part of.

Physical appearance Edit

He is tall, fair-skinned, he has a beard and is always seen wearing a taqiya.

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Trivia Edit

  • Radwan is located inside the Cordon when the outbreak takes place.
  • He never believed the first official version of Sayid being Patient Zero.

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