Rita Sanders
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Portrayed by
Elyse Levesque
Infected, Deceased
Inside Cordon
Late 20's
Family & Relationships
Unnamed Boyfriend
Doctor - Atlanta Midtown Hospital
Season 1
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Rita Sanders is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.


Rita Sanders is a Doctor at the Atlanta Midtown Hospital. Rita is one of the first staff members to become infected. She believes she has contracted the virus after treating patient zero.

Rita is the first fatality inside the Atlanta Midtown Hospital, falling victim to the virus. [1] Her boyfriend also becomes infected, dying shortly after. They are the first to die, even though Dr Cannerts says that they both die after Sayid Nassir.

Season 1Edit

Pilot Edit

Dr. Sanders is being treated in the Infectious Disease Unit of Atlanta Midtown Hospital. She's very sick; a fellow doctor, by the name of Dr. Cannerts begins to question her about everything she had done that day, leading up to her illness. She tells him about one of the patients she treated, a Syrian named Sayid Nassir. Dr. Sanders soon realizes that she contracted the virus from a pen he touched. As time progresses, her symptoms become worse, eventually leading to her death.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rita is tall and slender with long red hair. She has fair skin and light blue eyes.

Appearances Edit

Season 1

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Trivia Edit

  • Rita is one of the first people infected by patient zero. [1]
  • Rita's employee ID number is 22-543F2.


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