Sayid Nassir
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Ronny Matthew
Deceased - Infected by the virus
Inside Cordon
Family & Relationships
Radwan (uncle)

Lena (aunt)
Unknown (grandmother)
Unknown (cousin)

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Sayid Nassir is a recurring character in Season 1 of Containment.


Him and his family came to America from Syria on the back of a cargo plan. His family noticed that he had a cold so they took him to a hospital.

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  • Sayid is believed to be Patient Zero and is put in quarantine.

On Day 1, Sayid comes to the hospital with his uncle Radwan and looks symptomatic. Dr Sanders tries to get him to stay in observation but both men refuse; she then makes him sign the chart to discharge him; she then says the pen is how she got infected.

Dr Cannerts explains that Sayid is likely Patient Zero and must be placed into isolation. He adds that the address and insurance he gave were both fraudulent, which may mean he is illegal.

Jake is running point to pick Sayid up, along with Walden and EIS agent Jim Banks. The house owner, Radwan, explains that Sayid is his nephew and that he arrived Monday through the hold of a cargo plane. Sayid is in the bedroom with his grandmother, also symptomatic. He tries to run from the police but is apprehended and put in quarantine at the Atlanta Midtown Hospital.

According to Dr Cannerts, Patient Zero took a turn for the worse at 15:00 with acute encephalopathy and severe hepatic injury; his symptoms soon escalated to rabid. At 16:27 he had extreme hemoptysis and a series of seizures; and he was pronounced dead at 16:29. Cannerts also said that a vial with traces of a biological agent was found in Sayid's belongings, which they must assume he brought into the country and into the hospital where he infected Dr Sanders.

It is later found that Sayid Nassir was not Patient Zero of the virus and was actually infected by Dr Sanders during the scene were he signed the chart to be discharged. He was thought to be Patient Zero because Dr Lommers instructed Dr Cannerts to make the report that Sayid died first. When in fact, Dr Sanders and Henry Burns were the first to die in the Hospital.

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