The Old Fourth Lords are a gang that appear on Season 1 of Containment. All their members except Meese are African American.

No background on the gang is known but the gang most likely existed before the outbreak.

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Season 1 Edit

With Silence and Tears Edit

The gang enters the Fulton Fare Market during Harley's robbery; Trey shoots Harley in the hand while he is making advances to Teresa and calls him a pervert. The Old Fourth Lords outnumber Harley and his men so they make them return the merchandise and leave; they take possession of Leanne's shop.

Later when Xander arrives to the shop, Trey points his gun at him to keep him from hugging Teresa.

Like A Sheep Among Wolves Edit

Trey tells Xander to get in his truck with the rest of his gang. JoJo has his gun drawn and Xander reluctantly gets in. At the food drop, the gang point their guns at the police and tell everyont they will take their meals. Trey tells Xander to help load the truck with the boxes. JoJo asks Trey to let him shoot Jake but Jake overpowers him and holds Trey at gunpoint; Trey says that if Jake shoots him his gang will shoot everyone. Both agree to let Trey's gang get the food and go without hurting anyone.

Later, they go back to the Fulton Fare Market and unload their trucks. Xander feels very uncomfortable with the gang's action, and Trey says it's capitalism. JoJo then sneezes, which Xander notices.

He Stilled The Rising Tumult Edit

JoJo has isolated himself in the storeroom and appears to be very sick. Xander, who is thinking about escaping, tells Trey about JoJo and asks him to either make JoJo leave or allow he and Teresa to go. Trey then goes into the storeroom and shoots JoJo.

Later, Meese enters the shop and every armed member of the gang draw their gun at him. Meese explains he does not consider himself a cop anymore, and asks to join them in exchange for access to his open line of communication. Trey welcomes him into the gang.

With help from Leanne, Xander and Teresa escape and go to Bitscans. However they realize that they have accidentally taken Meese's phone with them. They see on the surveillance footage that Leanne has arrived, but Montana appears and holds her at gunpoint.

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All members except newest recruits such as Xander and Meese wear black bandanas.

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