This blog post is about a little thought that occured to me while watching the Pilot

So the Pilot starts with a flashfoward to Day 13 and then goes back to Day 1. The Pilot basically happened in a 24-hours time lap. Does that mean that each episode will be one day? Personally, I really like that idea. Kind of  à la 24 (the TV show). But does that also mean that there’s going to be 13 episodes for season 1? Like the season will end on Day 13? Or probably not since it’s a huge cliffhanger and the writer probably won’t just stop the season right there when all hell broke loose. At least, I hope not.  

I’m just trying to imagine how the season will go. At what pace and whatnot. But anyway, I’m thinking way ahead of myself. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment your opinion!