My Rating: 9/10

Episode: Be Angry At the Sun

A wonderful episode. The whole thing where Teresa's mother's store got robbed was quite shocking, and my god, how the cops just shot the guy who was trying to escape. That was really disastrous but it acts as a warning sign to those who  choose to disobey the rules/get everyone  killed...

The ending also shocked me. They cut everyone's internet connection - I guess it's what they had to do but now NO ONE has any contact! Loved ones might be already seperated by the Cordon walls, but now they are also seperated by no connection at all...How awful!

The Cordon is becoming chaotic and how everyone's panicking and Leo is making things worse - it's interesting. People are in 100% panic mode and Leo is not helping. I guess they had to shut down the internet in order to stop people from worrying(although now they're even more worried); but couldn't they just shut down his website in particular :P

Thomas...The poor kid seeing his teacher being held at gunpoint. His father really freaked out unnecessarily. He should have allowed the time to take it's toll, just 48 hours...but in a way, I sympathize with him. He just wanted his son back.. <3 I hope Thomas isn't sick, and that nothing happens to him - but I feel like, I sense, that something will happen and he'll be left in the hands of Katie.

I loved seeing a new side/dimension of Janah and Lex too. Will their relationship survive the quarantine? I'm thinking yes - and I hope so!

Again, fantastic episode. Looking forward to next week!